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The Rules

  • Project instructions my not be reproduced or shared.
  • If someone you know would like to join in the fun, have them join the group.
  • It is a violation of copyright law to sell, trade, copy, transfer, share
    with friends or send by e-mail copies of these designs.
  • Designs may be stitched onto items for sale or for gifts.
  • Designs may not be modified.
  • By posting pictures to the Get Sew Inspired Group, you grant the right for your pictures to be used by Get Sew Inspired or its affiliates.
  • If you receive designs and do not participate in the group project during the time frame of the project, there will be a fee assessed to join into the next project.
  • Designs will not be replaced if lost or destroyed. Please do not ask.
  • If you receive a design and do not participate you will be removed from the group and have to reapply. You agree to pay a $20 within 30 days of the closing of the project.

There will be no exceptions to the rules.

By Signing up for this project, you agree to the above Rules

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